Zero Trust at the Edge: Any Device, Any Network, Any Location Protection is Now Possible

The rapid growth of MSPs and MSSPs makes all the sense in the world, given how hard it is to keep up with the explosion of endpoints and applications in our increasingly hyper-connected world.

For decades, my teams have been motivated to solve the toughest problems for enterprises, and as we continue to make dramatic strides in conquering the last mile, we are now faced with securing the last millimeter as the volume, velocity, and variety of devices and applications is fueled again with the growth of 5G, then 6G ultra-fast connectivity and computing capabilities.

The edge is forever changed and will continue to change, and with the dramatic adoption of remote working driven largely by the global pandemic, more people will be using more devices to access data and applications from a constantly moving perimeter.

They are using their web browsers all day and all night long, often using the same smartphone to work one minute, search the next, check-in on social media the minute after that, then pivot back to work, joining a virtual meeting where they may be sharing confidential information, accessing enterprise applications, and more.

This chaos has become an everyday mode for millions of people, and while they are adapting, sophisticated adversaries are taking advantage of the shift, which explains the surge in phishing attacks, pivot attacks, and more.

This challenge is serious – but not insurmountable.

I am extremely proud to share that one of the companies I am supporting as Chairman, Isoolate, has announced a collaboration with Pax8, another company I am supporting, and together they are scaling a breakthrough isolation solution that protects digital endpoints of all varieties from well-funded and extremely active cybercriminals who are holding organizations hostage after successfully “tunneling in” and stealing data, shutting down applications, and crippling networks.

Pax8 is an awesome company, growing rapidly over the last several years as a different kind of marketplace designed for MSPs. Pax8’s offering of cloud products is unmatched. Their partners count on them to learn about the latest innovations and take advantage of the best cybersecurity solutions.

With a global distribution agreement now in place, Isoolate, a transformational provider of a zero-trust web threat protection platform, can bring their advanced Zero Trust endpoint software solutions to those MSPs through Pax8 and those MSPs can, in turn, bring this mission-critical capability to their customers.

Isoolate offers MSPs the following benefits:

·        Zero-trust credential exposure & phishing protection

·        MFA breach protection

·        Zero-trust remote browser and file isolation

·        URL/URI protection, a technology replacing legacy DNS based protection

I invite you to learn more about this powerhouse partnership by reading their press release and visiting both company’s websites.