David Walsh Showcases Unique Benefits of Kandy.io

From financial trading, to telemedicine and e-commerce learning, Kandy.io is revolutionizing customer service, customer engagement, and driving new opportunities for both internal and external collaboration. Here, Kandy co-founder David Walsh reveals a variety of the so-called communications-platform-as-a-service’s array of unique benefits tailored to industries ranging from the financial sector to the world of e-commerce.

“Perhaps first and foremost, Kandy supports customer engagement by facilitating contextual real-time communication between employees and clients under a variety of different circumstances,” explains company co-founder and leading technologist David Walsh. The same is true, he says, of customer service, with clients’ customers able to chat, click-to-call, and co-browse from web applications which they may seamlessly interact with an agent.

Kandy is also perfectly tailored for e-commerce, allowing clients to embed real-time chat, voice, and video communication options within their e-commerce omnichannel experiences, according to Walsh. Also designed for use within telemedicine and e-learning, Kandy’s many unique benefits further apply, he says, to field service, manufacturing, and the world of hospitality.

“Users across a wide range of industries are benefiting,” Bronxville, New York-based Walsh reveals, “by using Kandy to embed real-time communications into their mobile applications.”

Kandy offers its services across three primary tiers – one for service providers, one for partners, and one for enterprises. Existing Kandy clients include IBM, AT&T Business, Optus, Hong Kong Broadband, Five9, City of LA, IPC, NuWave and Five9. Kandy’s integration partners, meanwhile, include Atlas, Fuse 2 Communications, and Voiceflex.

Kandy.io co-founder David Walsh, wrapping up, “thanks to Kandy, there’s no limit to what clients can achieve with a the revolutionary communications platform, delivered on a communications-platform-as-a-service’ basis.”

Co-founded by leading technologist David Walsh, from Bronxville, New York, Kandy.io is a division of Ribbon Communications, Inc. Kandy’s platform is a real-time solution enabling service providers, enterprises, software vendors, systems integrators, partners, and developers to enrich their applications and services with real-time contextual communications. Providing a more engaging user experience, with Kandy, companies of all shapes and sizes can quickly and easily embed real-time communications capabilities into their existing applications and business processes. To find out more, head to https://www.kandy.io/.

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