GENBAND Unveils PSTN-IP Transition Dramatically Reducing Energy Costs

Orlando, FL, June 10, 2014 – GENBAND, a leading developer of multimedia and cloud communications solutions, today unveiled a global IP network transformation initiative designed to tackle the unsustainable and soaring energy costs required to power the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The thousands of central offices that power the PSTN in the US use more than 12 billion kilowatt hours of power every year, which compares to the power consumption of more than one million homes annually and the CO2 emissions of more than two million cars. Collaborating with regulatory bodies, policy influencers, partners and customers, GENBAND is part of a larger consortium focused on cost-effective PSTN phase-out options and new approaches for supporting network modernization that would reduce energy and water usage costs by 70%; real estate by 85% and CO2 emissions by 40%. GENBAND’s IP network transformation initiative and coalition will be introduced at its Perspectives™14 Customer and Partner Summit taking place June 9 -12 in Orlando.

“Given the advancements in IP technology, we no longer need the costly PSTN in its current form, but we do need a transformed public network – one that will provide consumers and businesses the services they are accustomed to while also ensuring the same reliability and ubiquity that the PSTN has afforded the world over the last 100 years,” said David Walsh, Chairman and CEO of GENBAND. “Working with a coalition of organizations and regulatory parties on innovative approaches that will allow operators to fund the transformation of their networks on the back of energy savings, we can successfully transition the PSTN network to IP, offering consumers and businesses robust services coupled with the renowned quality and reliability they have come to expect.”

More than one billion people globally and the majority of all businesses still rely on the PSTN.  A transformed IP network provides the services consumers and businesses are accustomed to receiving now, along with the feature-rich voice and video services that come with IP-based technology.

GENBAND’s Perspectives14 Customer and Partner Summit will feature several keynote speakers and panels addressing the topic of IP network transformation including Jonathan Chambers, Chief Office of Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); Kyle Malady, Senior Vice President of Global Network Operations for Verizon; and Jakob Carnemark, Chief Executive Officer of Aligned Energy, will address the related ramifications of The Green Data Center.

Perspectives14 will also feature a panel discussion, Telecommunications Sustainability, which will address the unsustainable power costs behind the PSTN, the benefits offered through IP transition and innovative approaches for migrating networks to newer technology. The panel, scheduled for Wednesday June 11 at 2:30 pm, will be moderated by Grant Seiffert, President of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and will include Justen Davis, Senior Director of Voice Strategy for CenturyLink; Jennifer Pigg, Vice President of Research for Yankee Group; Jakob Carnemark, CEO of Aligned Energy; and Murat Armbuster, CEO of CoEfficient.

“The race is on to implement viable solutions that transition the PSTN to IP as the clock is ticking on infrastructure far surpassing its 25-year life expectancy and costing operators millions of dollars to operate in energy,” said Mr. Seiffert. “I’m delighted to have an opportunity to moderate this panel and discuss the creative approaches that are being introduced to assist in helping service providers cost-effectively transform their networks.”

To learn more about new approaches to IP Transformation download The Unsustainable Power Costs Behind One of the Oldest Public Utilities.

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